18 joulukuuta, 2013

05 marraskuuta, 2013

People on the street - Palma 31.10.2013

Plaça l'Olivar

Plaça l'Olivar

Carrer de Sant Miquel

Carrer de Sant Miquel

Stairs down next to Cafe Antiquari


Ramblas getting ready for el dia de Tots Sants

he stopped in to buy his newspaper

she stopped on to get her picture taken

he didn't stop at all,
Plaça de la Porta Pintada

...somewhere in the city...

...somewhere in the city...


Hear hear.

Cafe Antiquari, Carrer Arabí 5, 07003 Palma de Mallorca

Standing in the corner of Carrer Arabí, studying the map...
... I saw this sweet bike

The cafe from above...

...and from downstairs

Sóller, Mallorca 1.11.2013

Sóller in the north of Mallorca is best known for its old train to Palma and it's old tram to the coast.
Though touring with our little red rent-a-car, we had a glimpse on that tiny train station.
The train was soon to arrive and to leave again.

The old tram ready to start it's way to Puerto Sóller.
Bim bim!

Sòller ist also known for it's oranges. See here.

We took a walk back to the central square...

...passing the church

Lovely summer feeling though already November!

...and here some impressions as seen from our seat sipping coffee...

So many people visiting Sòller, but in November it is definitely easier to find a lonely corner...

Back to Palma, it's getting dark already... ;-)