20 helmikuuta, 2011

Jedlersdorf 16.2.2011 about 17:00h

11 helmikuuta, 2011

Jedlersdorf 11.2.2011 about 15:00h

these old trees enjoy the sun after the rain.

can't get enough of the trees...

we live in one of those buildungs far behind the trees.

the cemetery.

i actually was hoping to see a rainbow, but unfortunately didn't.

difficult to shoot with a quicksilver like dog at the leash in one hand & the camera in the other one...

... but i just love this wall!

Stammersdorf wine yards 11.2.2011 about 15:00h

wonderful colours in the fields.

the first wine grower inspecting his treasures.

still waiting for the summer to come...

greetings from last autumn.

looks almost like spring!

can you see the town far away in front of you...?

how I love these old trees!

more beautiful trees, more beautiful clouds. could have walked there for hours.

see those five swans flying to the north!? told them not to fly too far though... ;-)

10 helmikuuta, 2011

Danube 9.2.2011 about 17:00h

starting the doggie walk looking south west from the danube island next to bridge floridsdorferbrücke.

finishing the doggie walking looking north east from the danube island next to bridge floridsdorferbrücke.

01 helmikuuta, 2011

all grey?... not quite!

unfortunately all the beautiful frosty white is so quickly gone. thus the landscape is pretty much different during my daily doggie tour. never mind, there are enough colourful buildings to spot on the way!

railway waggons = youth centrum.

uur newest neighbourhood.