11 helmikuuta, 2011

Stammersdorf wine yards 11.2.2011 about 15:00h

wonderful colours in the fields.

the first wine grower inspecting his treasures.

still waiting for the summer to come...

greetings from last autumn.

looks almost like spring!

can you see the town far away in front of you...?

how I love these old trees!

more beautiful trees, more beautiful clouds. could have walked there for hours.

see those five swans flying to the north!? told them not to fly too far though... ;-)

2 kommenttia:

kostas kirjoitti...

I have been one night at Grilsling?
A place with many teverns,wines etc.
Beautiful place.

♥ maaria kirjoitti...

@ Kostas
You have been in Grinzing? It's so lovely. Stammersdorf is on the other side of the Danube. SO to say, the most northern corner of Vienna. Also with many taverns & lots of wine... Unfortunately retsina, of course ;-)